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Ep.233 ~ Making a Snowboard Hobby Into a Multi-Million Dollar Business ~ Nev Lapwood

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Interviewing 100 Entrepreneurs w/ $100k Businesses in 100 Days

“I’d say Facebook now, is probably at least 5-10 times more important for us than YouTube is. Where as, for the first 5-years of my business YouTube brought in 50% of all of our traffic.” Nev Lapwood

Could you imagine mixing your favorite hobby and building into a multi-million dollar business? Our guest today did just that and his name is Nev Lapwood.

Nev is the founder of Snowboard Addiction. He started out making YouTube videos to help people learn how to snowboard.  Fast forward to today and Snowboard Addiction is one of the most popular snowboard YouTube channels and they are selling products to help you acquire more snowboard skills any time of the year.

Today on the show, Nev and I chat about the early days of Snowboard Addiction and his process of moving into the physical products space.  Nev shares about why he prefers a Shopify platform, and we compare his YouTube videos to Facebook videos. Lastly, New dives into his ROI from Facebook Ads, and the future of Snowboard Addiction.

“If your expenses are higher than the money you’re bringing in, you’re going to die very, very quickly.” Nev Lapwood

01:43: Who is Nev Lapwood?

04:12: The Early Days of Snowboard Addiction

07:45: Changing to Physical Products

10:28: YouTube Videos vs Facebook Videos

12:45: Nev on Facebook Ads

14:10: Snowboard Addiction ROI on FB Ads

17:34: Converting from FB Video to Email Subscribers

21:26: The Future of Snowboard Addiction

22:56: The Value of Moving a Shopify Website

25:33: Nev’s Work-Life Balance Today

“Stop thinking and execute!” Nev Lapwood

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