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Ep. 107 ~ One of the Most Powerful Women I Know ~ Neha Gupta


~ Current Series ~

100 Interviews in 100 Days with 100 Entrepreneurs That Have Built $100,000+ Businesses

“As an entrepreneur, you will fail, and you will feel rejected constantly on a daily basis in order to hit levels of success. It’s the same thing as dating.” Neha Gupta

Today listeners we are welcoming Neha Gupta an Alumni of The Entrepreneur House back onto the show. Today, we are talking to Neha about her new book ‘100 Dates in 100 Days’ The Single Gal’s Playbook for Online Dating. Neha set a goal to go on 100 dates in a span of 100 days. She dives into the adventure that this goal became and what she learned from it.

For those of you that don’t know, Neha is the founder of and College She is a featured author in ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul ~ A Time to Thrive. On our last episode…Ep. 107 ~ Girl Power, Neha talks about delegation, team building and scaling her serviced based business.

Today, we get to talk about her inspiration for this goal, how it turned out, the numerous similarities between running a business and dating, and making it into a book.

In the words of Neha, “In this adventure of no-holds-barred dating, you’ll learn, you’ll laugh, and most importantly you’ll lighten up a bit – and remember that this is all part of the fun.

“The way we use words in our (dating) profile is very similar to the copywriting we see in top marketers emails, sales pages, and websites.” Neha Gupta

13:28: Three Biggest Lessons Neha Has Learned From This Goal

20:44: Why You Should Treat Dating Like the Ivy League Selection Committee

25:13: On Taking a Goal and Making it a Book

26:42: Neha’s Must Do’s for Dating

“In sales, there is a certain closing rate you have when you make cold calls. And you never know when you’re going to hit your $10,000 client. It could take you 100 calls to do it, but you know it’s completely worth it. It’s the same with dating.” Neha Gupta


Honorable Mentions: 

Join Neha on February 6th, 8:00am to 11:00PM CST, as she celebrates the official release day of her second book, ‘100 Dates in 100 Days’.

100 Dates in 100 Days Virtual Book Launch

Kavita J Patel

‘He’s Just Not That Into You’ by Greg Behrendt

“I was able to not only build rapport, I was able to get out there and I will say it directly affected my ability to do sales in my own business” Neha Gupta

Contact Info:

‘100 Dates in 100 Days’ Website

“A lot of the stuff I talk about in my book has a lot to do with being an entrepreneur, and taking some of the strategies…that made me successful in business and applying it to my dating life.” Neha Gupta


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