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Ep.124 ~ Equity Crowdfunding ~ Nathan Rose

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100 Interviews in 100 Days with 100 Entrepreneurs That Have Built $100,000+ Businesses

Nathan Rose is the founder of Assemble Advisory. Assemble Advisory is a leading financial agency for equity crowdfunding operating around the world.

His firm helps entrepreneurs raise money through equity crowdfunding by helping company founders get their information memorandums and financial models in order, and provide advice on structuring a successful equity crowdfunding campaign.

As of today Nathan's company has over $11 million raised and they are the equity crowdfunding experts.  
 Nathan is an Alumni of The Entrepreneur House in Thailand and the reason we wanted to bring Nathan on the show is for two reasons….

1. See how much he has progressed with his business since he stayed at The Entrepreneur House in Thailand eight months ago and… 2. Nathan has made the commitment to write a book.   


Now, someone just stating they are going to write a book may seem like blowing smoke in the wind for many of you, but Nathan will be the second person that has stayed at The Entrepreneur House to write a book. The first was Gregory Dehil whom we featured on a podcast a few weeks ago. Gregory started the idea for a book while staying at The Entrepreneur House in Barcelona back in early 2015. He launched that book just a few weeks ago on May 20th, 2016 and it is now on Amazon’s bestseller list. 
 Today Nathan addresses his business and his idea for a book, what it is about and when he plans on completing it.  Then when it is finished, we will have him back on the podcast to see how he did and let him promote it. 



Assemble Advisory

-Gregory Diehl and his book 'Brand Identity Breakthrough'.

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Tim Conley


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