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Ep.363 ~ Location Independent Entrepreneur With Four 7-Figure Exits Says Start Small ~ Nate Broughton


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100 Interviews with 100 Location Independent Entrepreneurs That Have Over $1,000,000 in Annual Revenue

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Many people in the world were sold the lives that they are living, by people and systems that don’t necessarily serve them. They wander day-in and day-out through life wondering why they aren’t happy. This is the core concept of lifestyle design.  You designing a life that fits your needs and dreams. Today’s guest is a fellow lifestyle designer and someone that is working hard to help others opt-out of the traditional life. His name is Nate Broughton and he is the co-founder of the Opt Out Life movement and Opt Out Podcast.


Nate grew up in Missouri and hit a gold mine as a young college student working for a company that sold tickets online. A few years later that company was worth $22,000,000! Taking what he learned from that company and partnering with some others Nate and the team then grew a mortgage company that still runs today and two other businesses that he could exit from for over 7-figures. He then opted out of his own life and moved to Southern California and still based there but continues to travel the world. Throughout the show, Nate and I discuss lifestyle design and creating side-hustles to help people escape 9-5’s and free them up from monthly expenses. We also talk about steps one can take building a side-hustle, how to travel with a family, and what it is like being a digital nomad.


03:27: A Tijuana Taxi Ride

07:29: Nate on San Diego, California

10:45: Who is Nate Broughton and Building 7-Figure Businesses w/ College Kids

17:00: Leaving a Successful Network for to Find Other Successful Networks

20:45: Hacks Traveling w/ Small Children

25:39: The Opt Out Life and Inspiring Opt Out Stories

31:54: Building The Opt Out Life Community

36:24: How to Pick a Good Side Hustle


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