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Ep.473 ~ Does Your Freedom Limit You? ~ Natalie Sisson


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100 Interviews with 100 Major Influencers

“I worked so hard to get all this freedom, and….it was paralyzing.” Natalie Sisson

     Today listeners, we have the founder and CEO of The Suitcase Entrepreneur, Natalie Sisson on the show. The Suitcase Entrepreneur is one of the largest blogs in the digital nomad world. Natalie has been traveling the world almost non-stop for years while building The Suitcase Entrepreneur and helping thousands of people become location independent and redefine their lives.

On this episode, we talk about a few of the strategies that Natalie uses to build her business and travel the world. We will talk about how she became a featured author for Forbes, and Business Insider. Also, how she landed a TedTalk. Lastly, Natalie and I talk about an interesting idea about how chasing freedom can actually entrap you.

“Freedom to me was the ability to drop anything at any moment to be with the ones I love.” Natalie Sisson

01:35: Natalie’s Story

08:20: How Natalie Became a Featured Author for Forbes

11:10: Pitching to Get on Large Platforms i.e. Business Insider and Forbes

13:05: Getting a Ted Talk

17:00: Is Chasing Freedom Limiting You?

24:40: Natalie’s Sabbatical

“Chasing freedom, or always putting freedom first, had in many ways become debilitating.” Natalie Sisson speaking about her podcast with Conni Biesalski

 Honorable Mentions:

'Is Freedom Really Free?'- Podcast with Conni Biesalski and Natalie Sisson

Tony Robbins

Natalie’s Ted Talk

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The Suitcase Entrepreneur

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