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Ep.403 ~ Making Forbes 30 Under 30 and Redefining Market Research ~ Nadia Masri

Nadia Masri Podcast

~ Current Series ~

100 Interviews with 100 Major Influencers

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There are so many different aspects to influence. It is quite eye-opening to see people in different stages of their lives use influence and understand how to use it.  Today’s guest is no exception and quite a prodigy when it comes to business and influence. Although she might not call herself that. Nadia Masri is the founder of Perksy a revolutionary market research app that is helping businesses get much more effective results when conducting market research and it also gamifies the surveying with rewards for those that are replying to the research. On top of that, Nadia is a recent featuring winner of Forbes 30 Under 30.


Today on the show, we talk with Nadia about how she created Perksy from a project at college and building it into a company highly recognized by Forbes and the business world today by the age of twenty-eight. We also chat about how she sees and designs quality platforms for users, how she was a driven entrepreneur from a young age, how she uses high-performance productivity and how Nadia blends influence and leadership into one.


03:09: Who is Nadia Masri?

14:29: Being Successful Rapidly at a Young Age

19:59: Nadia on Resilience 

23:29: Creating a Leading Platform for Market Research

30:09: Gamifying Market Research

33:24: Well Designed App Examples

35:34: Getting on Forbes 30 Under 30

43:39: Influence Equals Leadership

50:44: Nadia on Productivity & Open Office Space


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