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Ep.479 ~ The Former CEO of Chipotle, Growing it to a $23 Billion Company ~ Monty Moran 

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Today on the podcast, we have the former CEO of everyone’s favorite Mexican grill, Chipotle.  Monty Moran was the co-CEO of Chipotle, growing their valuation from a few million to $23 billion over his decade with the company. They went from 8 restaurants to 2,000 globally, from a few hundred employees to over 75,000. His whole philosophy of leadership is centered around love. Truly hearing, seeing, and understanding the people around him, and working to make each of the 75,000 Chipotle employees better and happier every day.

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Today, the day of this recording Oct. 20th, 2020 is the release of Monty’s book ‘Love is Free. Guac is Extra.: How Vulnerability, Empowerment, and Curiosity Built an Unstoppable Team’. During his time with Chipotle Monty met one-on-one with somewhere around the number of 20,000 Chipotle employees making this a foundation to understand what his employees were going through, and used this strategy to build a culture that took Chipotle from a regional burrito chain to a global superstar.


Today, Monty shares behind the scenes of Chipotle, the decision making processes they used, how he managed priorities, and the incredible culture that allowed for this rapid growth!

   02:20  Who is Monty Moran?
   05:21  From Law to Chipotle
   09:06  Building an Awesome Culture
   20:27  Building Empowered Teams
   38:24  Leadership Needs to Care
   43:27  The Importance of Being Vulnerable
   54:06  Strategies for Rapid Retail Growth
   58:04  Monty on Being a Top Performer
1:10:17  Where to Find Monty


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