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Ep.183 ~ Dissecting a 7-Figure Business ~ Mike O'Donnell

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~ Current Series ~

100 Interviews in 100 Days with 100 Entrepreneurs That Have Built $100,000+ Businesses


On today’s episode, we welcome Mike O’Donnell the founder of CaveTools to the show. Mike and I dig into his story growing CaveTools into a 7-figure business. What is great about this episode is Mike really opened up to describe is process on creating effective SOP’s, using the 80/20 Method for marketing, a new thought on content. 


Towards the end of the podcast, Mike shares his thoughts on the difference between the 5-figure, 6-figure, and 7-figure mentalities. He also offers his thoughts on what it would take for him to reach 8-figures in his business.

“Five-figures, your strategy is the quickest way to money. Six-figures, is more about delegation, starting to build the team around you and letting go of control. To grow from six-figures to seven-figures it's more about breaking down yourself.”                   Mike O’Donnell

13:48: Mike on Effective SOP’s

14:21: Training Your Team to Follow SOP’s

18:50: What Most Businesses Miss with Operations

19:08: Mike on 80/20 Marketing

21:46: Would you Pay $100 for One Piece of Content?

27:19: YouTube Marketing

28:12: Mike’s KPI's for Marketing

31:38: 5-Figure vs. 6-Figure vs. 7-Figure Mentalities

What do most entrepreneurs miss when it comes to Operations? “Process” Mike O’Donnell

Honorable Mentions:

Sovereign Academy/Blacksmith Camp

Dynamite Circle

‘Top Grading’ by Bradford D. Smart

‘Who: The A-Method for Hiring’ by Geoff Smart

’80/20 Sales and Marketing’ Perry Marshall

Josh Dunlop

“Would you go spend $100 on one piece of content? Until that conversation, I probably would have been like, ‘Hell no!’” Mike O’Donnell

Contact Info:

Mike’s Personal FB Page

CaveTools YouTube

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