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Ep.508 ~ Becoming an Advisor to the World’s Most Successful Entrepreneurs ~ Mike Koenigs

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~ High-Performance Entrepreneurship ~

Mike Koenigs is a serial entrepreneur, the author of 13 books, and an influencer that has earned over $50 Million online. He is a close friend of Tony Robbins consulted and advised for Dave Asprey, JJ Virgin, Richard Dreyfus, John Assaraf, Tim Ferriss, Jordan Belfort, Dan Kennedy, Darren Hardy, & Phil Town to name a few. He taught himself computer programming at the ripe old age of 14, and started advising/consulting at 16 years old! Mike runs a podcast w/ Dan Sullivan called Capability Amplifier and he raised $2.4 Million for the Just Like My Child Foundation & the Girl Power Project.

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04:15 Who is Mike Koenigs?

07:45 The One Word Offer

21:50 How Get Paid, Get Laid, Live Forever Relates to Branding & Buyers Decisions

27:15 Building a Network Filled w/ Business & Celebrity Giants

38:40 Skills Mike Used to Build a World-Class Network & Reputation

52:50 Being an Introvert is Bullshit

58:30 Double Your Sales in 72 Hours

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