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Ep.162 ~ Business Intuition ~ Michael Light


~ Current Series ~

100 Interviews in 100 Days with 100 Entrepreneurs That Have Built $100,000+ Businesses

“The rational mind is the servant to the intuitive mind.” Albert Einstein

“The quality of the answer comes from the quality of the question.” Michael Light

On this episode, we are joined by Michael Light. Michael is an expert on business intuition. He is an author, coach, software entrepreneur, and now his book is a best-seller.


Michael and I will talk about our issues with YouTube and Facebook. We then address business intuition and using it in a very rational way. He discusses how he uses intuition to speed-line his hiring process.  Lastly, we talk about launching a book and how Michael got his book on Amazon’s Best-Seller list. 

Many top business entrepreneurs use their ‘gut’ to make decisions faster. But how does one learn to improve that ‘gut’ decision-making process? Check out this episode to learn more!

“Often, lack of clarity is a protection mechanism.” Michael Light

3:50: Michael on Improving Your Intuition

12:24: Einstein Using Intuition

23:00: On Hitting Amazon Best Seller List

36:30: Outtakes: Michael and Chris chat about YouTube and Facebook today

“If it’s not a ‘hell yes’ I wouldn’t hire them.” Michael Light

Honorable Mentions:

‘Create vs. Hate’ Dan Norris

Gregory Diehl

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