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Ep.543 ~ Building a $3 Billion Agency ~ Michael McIntyre

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~ High-Performance & Entrepreneurship ~

Welcome to the show and today we have a whirlwind of an entrepreneur that has an incredible life story starting an agency from scratch and leading the organization to become a $3 billion dollar company!

His name is Michael McIntyre and he has been an entrepreneur for over 28 years. He started his own insurance agency way back in 1992 which quickly expanded into over 40 states and grew to $300 million in annual sales. That organization then became public and turned into a $3 billion dollar company after its IPO. Michael and his agency have personally created over 175 millionaires and recruited and trained over 20,000 sales reps. 

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     4:06       Who is Michael McIntyre?

   05:34       Michael’s Backstory

   10:01       Getting Into The Insurance Business

   13:02       Michael Excels in Sales Strategy 

   16:05       Starting a Multi-Billion Dollar Agency

   18:46       Creating The Right Systems 

   24:32       Thinking Long Term

   27:36       Positioning the Right People in the Right Places

   30:05       Michael’s Qualifications In Hiring 

   33:18       The Chapters of a Billion Dollar Agency

   37:48       Becoming Bored with the Company

   40:04       The Biggest Mistakes Michael Made in the Company

   44:10       Projecting The Future Of The Company

   49:15       Keeping An Open Mind

   55:21       Going Public

   54:09       Exiting His Business 

   59:46       Transforming The Poverty Mindset

1:05:42       Handling Conflicts With Close Relationships

1:14:06       Michael’s Book “Next Level Life”

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