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Ep.533 ~ Everything You Need to Know to Optimize Sleep ~ Dr. Michael Breus

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~ High-Performance & Entrepreneurship ~

Our guest today was recently named one of the 10 most influential people in sleep. He is on the clinical advisory board of famous The Dr. Oz Show and appeared on that show - 40 times. He has been interviewed on CNN, Oprah, The View, Anderson Cooper, Rachel Ray, CBS Early Show, The Today Show, and many more.

He is the author of The Power of When, a #1 at Amazon best-seller, he is also the author of a second book The Sleep Doctor’s Diet Plan: which talks about how you can Lose Weight Through Better Sleep & he has a new book Energize - go from Dragging ass to kicking it in 30 days! His personal clients range from Paris Hilton, the famous DJ Steve Aoki, & Cason Daily

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His name is Dr. Michael Breus and lectures all over the world for organizations such as AT&T, & for Tony Robbins’s event Unleash the Power Within. He is one of the leading sleep doctors in the world! 

"If you lose an hour of sleep a night for five nights, your testosterone drops by 30%."

Dr. Michael Breus

   03:59 Who is The Sleep Doctor - Dr. Michael Breus

   05:20 Entrepreneurs Burning Their Brains Out

   11:30 Effects of Sleep Deprivation

   14:25 Why Do Most People Think They Can Go Without Sleep?

   16:30 More Sleep vs. Better Sleep 

   22:05 Different Sleep for Different People

   23:55 Weather & Sleep Shifts

   24:50 Sleep Chronotypes

   35:10 When You Should Workout Based on Sleep Chronotype

   42:25 Sleep & Diet (Keto)

   45:50 Our Brains & Sleep

   52:50 Sleep & Sex

   57:45 Recommended Sleep Aids for Entrepreneurs That Dr. Breus Uses Himself

1:05:45 Temperature to Sleep At

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