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Ep.273 ~ Manufacturing Apparel in China, Creating a Travel Bag and Location Independence  ~ Matt Kowalak

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100 Interviews with 100 Location Independent Entrepreneurs That Have Over $1,000,000 in Annual Revenue

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Today listeners, we are joined by the founder of and Agile Travel Bag, Matt Kowalak.  Matt is the ‘go-to man’ when it comes to manufacturing apparel in China. High Cappin focuses on improving procurement and production processes for their clients that could typically encounter communication, logistical and quality problems with manufacturers. Matt also created the Agile Travel Bag and recently launched it on Kickstarter.

Today, we address the current state of manufacturing in China and where it is headed in the near future. In the middle of the show, Matt and I talk about the work that it takes to launch a successful Kickstarter and creating a travel bag from an idea, to releasing it on the market. Later in the show, we will address Matt's productivity levels from living, working and eating in the same building versus being location independent.

“You end up thinking that your presence is more important to your business that it is, and really, you’d probably do better if you just got out of the way.” Matt Kowalak

03:12: Matt Kowalak and Manufacturing in China

12:31: Creating a Travel Backpack for the Traveling Professional

13:06: Living and Working in the Same Building

15:39: Launching a Kickstarter

19:31: The Future of Manufacturing in China

27:17: Working, Living, Eating and Working Out in the Same Building

31:36: The Positive Impact on Being Location Independent

35:28: Tips on Building a 7-Figure Location Independent Business



“Kickstarter really is for brand building.” Matt Kowalak

Honorable Mentions:




Peter Keller, Founder of Fringe Sport

Eric Bandholz, Co-founder of BeardBrand

Greg Mercer, Founder of Jungle Scout

Ian Schoen, DC and Tropical MBA Co-Founder

Agile Travel Bag

Agile Travel Bag Affiliate Program

Agile Travel Bag Kickstarter


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