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Ep.515 ~ Biohacking Your Brain Will Massively Change Your Life ~ Matt Gallant

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~ High-Performance & Entrepreneurship ~

Matt Gallant is our guest on The Business Method Podcast today. Matt is a seasoned, serial entrepreneur, biohacker, life optimizer and practical spirituality student that has built 14 profitable companies. Over his 20 year career as an entrepreneur and marketer Matt has captured over 8 million leads, tested 18,000 marketing experiments, spent over $10 million on digital advertising and made over $100 million in online sales. 

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Matt is maybe best known as the founder and CEO of Bioptimzers, a top-of-the-line supplement company helping tens of thousands of people optimize their performance levels. 

    03:49 Who is Matt Gallant?

    06:22 Controlling Your States of Mind

    13:13 The Neurochemistry of an Asshole

    15:52 How Testosterone Changes Affect One’s State Changes

    17:12 A Menu of States

    20:52 Getting the Correct Nutrients from Food to Reduce Supplement Intake

    27:22 Grinding & High-Performance States

    30:17 What is Neurofeedback & Alpha, Beta, Theta, Delta & Gamma Brain States

    39:32 Easy Ways to Train Your Brain States

    46:17 Does Neurofeedback Always Work?

    54:37 Changing the Primal Emotional Triggers of Our Brain

1:02:32 How to Get in the Correct Brainstate for Forgiveness

1:06:52 Matt’s Daily Routine

1:18:47 Matt’s Podcast Supplement Stack

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