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Ep.471 ~ A 7-figure SEO Location-Independent Business in 4 Years ~ Matt Diggity


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100 Interviews with 100 Major Influencers

“Just start tracking everything. Just gather all the data you can in whatever activity you do.” Matt Diggity



Today Matt Diggity joins us to share how he built a 7-figure SEO Location Independent business in four years. Matt is the founder of Diggity Marketing a very well respected SEO company that gets their clients ranked ASAP to catapult their business.

On this episode, Matt and I chat about a few things that hit home for location-independent entrepreneurs. We talk about the home-based/travel life balance and Matt shares why he prefers a 60/40 split. Matt digs into the science of building and maintaining a 7-figure business with plenty of travel involved. Lastly, he shares about where SEO is headed and ways you can manage your SEO to get better results.

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01:31: Why Matt Loves Chiang Mai?

02:50: Who is Matt Diggity?

06:15: What Diggity Marketing and Lead Spring Offer

09:19: Mastering Tracking and Testing

11:06: Tracking SEO

13:35: The Future of SEO vs. Google

15:39: Will Google Ever Fill Search Results with Only Advertisements?

16:09: What’s the 80/20 of SEO vs Google Ads?

18:07: Balance Work/Travel with a 7-Figure Location-Independent Business

"There is no such thing as two identical websites in Google.”

Matt Diggity

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