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Ep.241 ~ $475,000 Kickstarter Campaign with 16,000 Backers ~ Mark Zhang

~ Current Series ~

100 Interviews with 100

7- Figure Location-Independent Entrepreneurs 


“But by far Facebook Ads account for about 90% of the pledges that came from outside of Kickstarter” Mark Zhang



Last fall in Bangkok, I was attending a conference full of entrepreneurs from around the globe. There were around 250 attendees and out of all of them, just a few stood out.  There were a few guys running around in yellow t-shirts that said: "Improve Your Sleep at the DCBKK Conference." They were handing out free sleep masks to the attendees. 


Mark Zhang was one of those guys and he was using an excellent marketing technique to beta test Manta Sleep Masks. Fast forward to today, Mark and his team launched a Kickstarter for the sleep mask attracting 16,000 backers and raising over $475,000. Today, you will learn exactly how he did this!


Mark’s Kickstarting History:
  • Ran 3 Kickstarter campaigns in the past 5 years.

  • 1st Kickstarter 2012: Slip Stopper - Raised $5,173

  • 2nd Kickstarter 2014: Purggo - Raised $40,219

  • 3rd Kickstarter 2017: Manta Sleep Mask - Raised $475,193


01:33: Taipei, Taiwan - Finding Cheap Labor and Paying Them Well

03:41: Who is Mark Zhang?

06:50: Having Multiple Businesses Under One Holding Name

08:47: What is Mantis Sleep?

11:13: The 80/20 Process and Steps for a Successful Kickstarter

  1. Pre-launch email list

  2. Facebook ads

  3. Cross promotions

  4. Kickstarter momentum

15:52: Turnaround Time on Facebook Ads for Mark’s Kickstarter

17:27: What Mark Would do Differently Next Kickstarter

20:54: Profit from Kickstarter



“We can come in here (Taipei) as a U.S. based business, pay the people better than they would be getting at most of the larger corporations here in Taiwan, and then still be saving in terms of cost from the labor perspective compared to the states.” Mark Zhang



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