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Ep.265 ~ Authority Hacker ~ Mark Webster

~ Current Series ~

100 Interviews with 100

7- Figure Location-Independent Entrepreneurs 

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Could you imagine being in a bar in Singapore, having a few drinks and getting into a conversation with another guy at the bar about starting a business? The next night, you and your new found friend meet up and start working on the idea. Fast forward a few years and now you run a business generates over $1 million per year while living in your favorite city in the world.

Our guest today is Mark Webster. Mark the co-founder of and  On the show today. Mark shares his story about meeting his now business partner and how they built their business up into a 7-figure location independent business.  Mark also discusses the science behind 6-figure launches, selling high-ticket 4-figure courses, and getting a half-million visitors per month to their website.

“The more scarcity points we can create within a launch. The more sales we get, by a huge amount.” Mark Webster

01:27: Budapest, Hungry

02:30: What Mark Dislikes About Dubai

04:14: Meeting His Business Partner in a Bar

07:23: Authority Hacker

12:04: Selling Courses at High 4-Figures

15:18: Tactics to Get 500,000 Monthly Website Visitors

20:00: Mark on 6-Figure Product Launches

24:35: Do Payment Plans Really Increase Sales?

26:00: Transparency in Mark’s Businesses

28:02: Money Management in a 7-Figure Business

31:12: Paying Yourself a Salary

34:44: Mark on Work/Life/Travel Balance


“When you’re moving from a six to a seven-figure business mindset, you’re going to have to relinquish control.” Mark Webster

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