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Ep.253 ~ A 7-Figure Automated Business ~ Mark Podolsky

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100 Interviews with 100

7- Figure Location-Independent Entrepreneurs 

“A lot of times what I do is outsource the outsourcing.” Mark Podolsky


Systems and automation, systems and automation, systems and automation! Entrepreneurs hear about it all the time. We want to implement them into our businesses, but “How?” is the question that always comes up in our overflowing minds.  

For those of you that need and want to automate your business, even more, you are going to love today’s guest. Mark Podolsky is the founder of, and Frontier Equity Properties. He is the host of three podcasts, he has built his own SaaS products to automate his businesses and Mark has built an outsourcing team in the Philippines that runs on its own. Mark is a master at creating large-scale automated businesses where he only works three days a week and can take a month off of work whenever he wants.


Today, we will dive into how Mark did this and he gives us a huge list of software and programs he uses and recommends.



“I give myself a 30:1 Rule. Say for example it takes me 10 minutes to do that task. I will multiply that by 30, then budget that training time to teach somebody how to get rid of that 10 minutes for the rest of my life.” Mark Podolsky



01:42: Working While Walking on a Treadmill

02:44: Mark and Chris Talk Phoenix, AZ, USA

06:19: Who is Mark Podolsky?

07:10: Why Mark Invests in Land Online?

10:10: Building a SaaS for His Own Business

12:26: Mark’s Philosophy on Creating Systems and Automation

14:43: What Entrepreneurs are Missing When it Comes to Systems

15:47: Automation Tools That Mark Recommends

17:29: How Mark Outsources His Outsourcing?

23:30: Finding Great Virtual Assistants in the Philippines

23:22: Letting Go of Control to Automate Your Business

25:46: Signs You Need to Automate or Delegate Something

26:54: More of Mark’s Favorite Automation Tools

29:57: How Mark Automates His Podcasts

33:21: Mark on Cold Showers

Honorable Mentions:

Geek Pay

Phoenix Digital Mailbox

Been Verified

Customer Relation Management (CRM)







File This, for Book Keeping

Profit First Method

Trello for Team Communication

Smartsheet for Spreadsheets


Many Chat for Marketing Automation

If This Then That


Deep Work


Searching for Bobby Fischer


The Land Geek Podcast

The Best Passive Income Model Podcast

The Art of Passive Income Podcast

Contact Info:

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