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Ep.299 ~ 150 Million Emails Per Month and Using Real Estate for Location Independence ~ Mark Evans

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100 Interviews with 100 Location Independent Entrepreneurs That Have Over $1,000,000 in Annual Revenue

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Hello listeners and welcome back to the show!  Today we have an incredible entrepreneur that is using real estate to maximize location independence. A lot of listeners out there have gotten to the point in their business where they have some extra money and they want to learn about real estate. Our guest today, Mark Evans started out with real estate and used it from day one to create an incredible amount of location independence in his life.


Mark is an entrepreneur and author who has written nine books!  On the show today Mark defines his version of location independence, how he manages his team while traveling long term, what holds many entrepreneurs back from reaching the next level, and the deal-making mentality.  Mark also dives into his email marketing system. Currently, he is sending out 150 million emails a month and trying to figure out how to send out 500 million emails per month.


“Honestly, people are just playing too small. If you’re not email marketing you’re missing the boat….I send 150 million emails a month out and we’re trying to figure out how to send 500 million a month.” Mark Evans


02:27: Who is Mark Evans and Using Real Estate for Location Independence

13:22: Recommendations for Entrepreneurs Thinking About Real Estate

16:41: What is Financial Freedom?

18:55: Alternative Ways to Earn Passive Income

21:13: The Deal Making Mentality

23:26: Finding Location Independence

34:27: Why Entrepreneurs Are Not at the Next Level

36:45: The Importance of KPIs in Your Business

37:35: Where Most People Miss the Boat on Email Marketing


“Focus on data, not drama!” Mark Evans


Honorable Mentions:


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Camino de Santiago


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