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Ep.345 & 346 ~ Turning Cancer Into a Gift & Building 10 Companies in 5-Years ~ Marcel Gasser

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~ Current Series ~

100 Interviews with 100 Location Independent Entrepreneurs That Have Over $1,000,000 in Annual Revenue

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Hey listeners I am glad you are joining us today on The Business Method Podcast. Today we chat with a fellow location independent entrepreneur, Marcel Gasser. Marcel has been directly involved in the created of ten companies in the past five years. He is the leader of the Swiss chapter for Global Entrepreneurship Network and travels the world ten-months out of the year.  He is quite the serial entrepreneur!


What is even more inspiring about Marcel, is that in 2014 he found out that he had cancer and a tumor in his brain.  He was crushed for approximately two days and then shifted his mindset from being a victim to seeing this as an opportunity and being grateful for the experience.  He then set out on a two-year journey to heal himself from this experience and we get to hear exactly how he did it.


Part I:


02:57: Yodeling in Switzerland

04:48: Who is Marcel Gasser?

09:57: Marcel Discovering Cancer in His Head and Turning it Into a Gift

15:18: Spending Two Years Healing Cancer

18:35: Healing the Emotions Around Cancer


Part II:


02:30: Global Entrepreneurship Network

07:35: Building 10 Companies in 5-Years

12:54: Marcel’s Version of Location Independence

16:38: Tapping Into Unlimited Potential

19:29: Tapping Into Your Subconscious


Contact Info:


Linkedin: @marcelgasser

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