Ep. 143 ~ The Hand’s Off CEO ~ Mandi Ellefson

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“If you’ve trained your clients that you will be there to answer emails first thing in your day, you need to untrain them.” Mandi Ellefson

Today podcast listeners we have the founder of The Hand’s Off CEO, Mandi Ellefson on the show. Mandi helps successful service business owners transform themselves into what she calls a “Hands-Off CEO.” A Hands-Off CEO has access to the systems and strategies required to build six and seven-figure companies that generate cash flow without ongoing direct involvement.

Mandi helps business owners to become “Hands-Off” CEOs and work less as they slowly exit the day-to-day in their businesses. Even as the business creates an increasing amount of value in the marketplace. Her proven “Hands-Off” frameworks enable CEOs to hire dependable staff who deliver consistent quality and install the missing operational systems to increase profits and transition the business into a more “passive” asset.

Mandi’s Resources:

Hand’s Off CEO’s Five Must Do’s to Add More Time to Your Life


Mandi’s Power Hour - Find 20-40 More Hours per Month To Grow Your Business

“Take the first hour of your day and focus. Most people can get twice as much done during this time to focus on growing your company.” Mandi Ellefson

1.Focus on the big picture of your business the first hour of your day.

2. Use a note card and write down 3 things to do the next day. Not on a planner or use email/social media.


“You want to set up your business in a way it is not dependent on any one person.” Mandi Ellefson

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