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Ep.217 ~ Outsourcing & Management Magic ~ Mads Singers


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Interviewing 100 Entrepreneurs w/ $100k Businesses in 100 Days

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Today listeners we are joined by an outsourcing and management master, Mads Singers. Mads operates out of Davao, Philippines running a fifty-person team managing businesses and the day-to-day tasks for entrepreneurs all around the world.

On the show today, Mads shares the keys to building a strong outsourced team, how to handle different communication styles, and where many entrepreneurs lack when it comes to letting go of tasks.  Any entrepreneur that wants to learn about outsourcing and management can learn something from this show.

01:58: Mads Story

07:12: Big Problems Entrepreneurs Have With Outsourcing

08:21: Mads On Clear Communication for Different Mindsets and Cultures

13:08: D.I.S.C Behavior Styles

25:23: Entrepreneur Mentality vs. CEO Mentality

25:57: Tips on How Entrepreneurs Can Manage Money Better

30:26: Mads on Davao, Philippines

Contact Info:

Skype: madssingers

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