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Ep.355 ~ Building 20 Businesses and Massive Motivation ~ Mads Faurholt

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100 Interviews with 100 Location Independent Entrepreneurs That Have Over $1,000,000 in Annual Revenue

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Could you imagine starting and building twenty successful companies before the age of thirty-four? On top of that, being a board member in over ten companies spread throughout Asia, Europe and America and perhaps the youngest bank board member in Europe at 30, graduating from MIT with a MBA at 23, releasing a Danish bestseller that gets named top 7 book globally by the Danish equivalent of Financial Times, re-releasing the book around the world with Wiley, and being involved in a leading financial management platform for banking and insurance that has more than eighty million annual users and a value of hundreds of millions? Today’s guest is that person and his name is Mads Faurholt.

On the show today, Mads and I talk about the extensive experience he has as an incredibly motivated entrepreneur. We chat about his youth, what drives him, the importance of understanding subconscious drivers and managing those motivators. We talk about how he used the book The Four-Hour Work Week to model his life and business, what he learned at business school vs. not attending business school, and the importance of measuring business models before starting businesses.


03:36: Who is Mads Faurholt?

20:42: Having a Massive Drive From a Negative Experience and Using it for Positive Growth and Success

24:48: How to Stay on Track When the Whole World is Against You

29:13: Going to Business School vs. Not and Starting Your Entrepreneurial Career ASAP

32:58: Knowing the Right Difficult Situations to Put Yourself In

32:12: Lessons from The 4-Hour Work Week that Mads Applied to Create 20 Businesses

38:30: Steps of Creating New Businesses

43:28: Resources to Recognize if You Have a Good Business Model

45:48: Keeping Yourself and Business Secure as an Entrepreneur in the Next Decade​


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Entrepreneur: Building Your Business From Start to Success in Europe by Mads Faurholt and Lars Tvede:

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