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Ep.499 ~ The Value of Fame vs. The Value of Influence ~ Lindsey Heppner


~ High-Performance Entrepreneurship ~

Lindsey Heppner is the founder of VAMPPED, one of the top recognizable influencer agencies out there today. Lindsey became successful in the social media marketing world starting her company VAMPPED more than 7 years ago. Within two years, VAMPPED became a multi-million dollar agency adding multiple services to the brand, and she pioneered the concept of influencer tours.

In the early days of influencer marketing, Lindsey quickly discovered a need in the market for managing influencers at the same time as creating and producing campaigns for global brands. To date, Lindsey and her team have executed over 1200 successful social media campaigns, she’s worked with top brands like McDonald’s, Dior, BeBe, Harley Davidson, Under Armor, L’Oréal Paris, Bumble, W Hotels, Puma, Pacific Sun, American Express, my favorite watch company MVMT, and the list goes on and on.  

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Today we are going to chat with her about digital entrepreneurship, social media icons, building her company around influence, influencer marketing, & her creative visionary process.  

03:52 Who Is Lindsey Heppner?

07:05  Influencer Marketing & Digital Entrepreneurship

12:46 How A Near-Death Experience Saved Lindsey's Life

18:58 Setting Boundaries as an Entrepreneur

31:19 The Bright Side Of Influencer Marketing

35:11 What To Look For In Influencers

46:11 Travel Tours For Influencers

53:17 Where To Find Lindsey Heppner?

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