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Ep.249 ~ From Firefighter to Entrepreneur to Creating His Own Initial Coin Offering ~ Lee Pennington

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100 Interviews with 100

7- Figure Location-Independent Entrepreneurs 


“I can pretty much bet that if I am having the problem, most people in this industry, would also be having the same problem.” Lee Pennington



Imagine being a firefighter and growing a business online to 7-figures in just four years. Today’s guest did just that. Lee Pennington is the founder of Lead Seven, Drop Mock and currently releasing an Initial Coin Offering for a cryptocurrency. And guess what? Lee finally just quit his firefighting gig.


After nearly four years of 100 hour weeks balancing fighting fires, building multiple businesses and being a family man, Lee decided to recently “retire” as a firefighter and go full-time as an entrepreneur. On the show, he offers some great tips on building a “high-quality” remote team and some incredible strategies on hiring. Towards the end of the show, Lee also chats briefly about some incredible tips on networking.



“What I like to do is hire two people for one position, and be honest about will see an amazing work ethic when you see people in competition.” Lee Pennington



02:11: Who is Lee Pennington?

08:21: What’s the Future of cryptocurrencies?

11:04: Building LeadSeven and DropMock

14:17: Three Main Things to Move Into a 7-Figure Location-Independence Business

18:17: Tips on Picking the Right People at the Right Time

22:35: Lee On Networking


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ICO: Initial Coin Offering is an unregulated means of crowdfunding via cryptocurrency.

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