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Ep.512 ~ Building a CryptoCurrency Hedge Fund ~ Kyle Samani

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~ High-Performance Entrepreneurship ~

Kyle Samani is one of the founders of Multicoin Capital, a thesis-driven investment firm that invests in cryptocurrencies, tokens, and blockchain companies. Multicoin manages a hedge fund and a venture fund, investing across both public and private markets.

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 Kyle previously founded Pristine, a health IT startup that raised more than $5M in venture capital which was acquired by Upskill. He raised a $75million fund from mainstream investors, including Andreessen Horowitz & founding PayPal COO David Sacks to invest in cryptocurrency projects being backed by some of the most prominent startups in the industry. 

As a former engineer, Kyle leads technical thesis formation and diligence at Multicoin Capital. He is the more outwards facing partner, owning relationships with entrepreneurs and other investors. He is widely recognized in the crypto ecosystem for his writing and system-level analysis.

03:48 Who is Kyle Samani & What is MultiCoin Capital?

07:53 Making the Decision to Launch a Hedge Fund/VC Fund That Invests in CryptoCurrency

14:28 The Process of Launching a Hedge Fund

18:33 Understanding What a Hedge Fund is in Today’s World

20:53 Raising Over $75 Million for a Fund

29:23 Why Kyle Invested 100% of His Network Into Crypto

34:18 Investing in Teams vs Products vs Markets & Why MultiCoin Invests in Markets

44:21 Kyle’s High-Performance Tip: Using a Mouse is a Massive Waste of Time

Contact Info:

Kyle on Twitter: @KyleSamani

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