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Ep.435 ~ Building An Online Business Around Solo Female Travel ~ Kristin Addis


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The dream for so many people is to be able to travel the world, blog about their travels and make money online. For so many people, it seems like an impossible quest, but the truth is, today it is more of a reality than ever before.


Our guest today, is one woman that forged that life for herself. She was burnt out working as an investment banker, and decided that she was going to travel the world, and blog about her adventures. After a couple of years, the blog started to take off and now Kristin Addis is the mind behind Be My Travel Muse, a blog about and for female solo travelers. She spent years on the road traveling solo, sharing her story, and what she learned with other women that wanted to do the same. 


Be My Travel Muse is considered an authority on solo traveling in destinations worldwide.

The blog is a widely-read travel website geared towards solo female and intrepid travelers who like to have authentic, independent travel experiences. Kristin has built her blog into a full fledge business with multiple sources of income, and a community of followers that she inspires.


Throughout the podcast today, we chat with Kristin about what it was like traveling the world solo, and building an online business. We dive into how she made this blog successful, how she added multiple sources of revenue for the business, how she manages her social media and the traffic she gets from her social media, and of course, how she manages influence as a successful entrepreneur. 

02:00: Who is Kristin Addis?

08:23: How Kristin Became a Location Independent Entrepreneur

09:23: The Inception of the Be My Travel Muse Blog

17:09: The Perks of Being a Solo Female Traveler

19:59: Kristin’s Main Sources of Revenue

21:50: The Process of Scaling to Profitability

29:00: Kristin on Her Long Term Goals

37:05: Kristin’s Daily Routine

49:09: Tips on How To Handle Adversity

51:07: Where to Find Kristin

Contact Info:



Instagram: @bemytravelmuse

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