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Ep.402 ~ Using Influence to Build a Real Business from a Forbes Top Travel Influencer ~ Kiersten Rich

The Blonde Abroad Podcast
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Kiersten Rich was named by Forbes as one of the Top 10 Travel Influencers in the world and has been featured worldwide on major publications for her photography and influence in the travel space. Kiersten's blog, The Blonde Abroad, started as an online journal where she could share her travel stories and help inspire women to travel the world, and it has now evolved into a travel-focused media company with multiple brand extensions that is set to hit its first 7-figure year in 2019. Kiersten, and The Blonde Abroad are a perfect example of taking online influence and turning into a legitimate multi-faceted business.


Currently, The Blonde Abroad has over 550,000+ followers on Instagram, nearly half a million monthly blog visitors, 5 million monthly Pinterest viewers, over 200,000 Facebook fans, and over 2.5 million YouTube views. On the show today, we get the backstory of how Kiersten started this project and spent the time and effort over the years to become a serious entrepreneur and build a solid, sustainable business. We chat about how she handles priorities while traveling, where her traffic comes from, being an early adapter to social media platforms, and how she creates videos while traveling. We also get into some fun chat about her favorite blogging perks, best travel experiences, favorite conferences, and of course, how to manage influence in a responsible way.  


  08:40: The Beginning of The Blonde Abroad

  20:00: Finding Synchronicity After Many Years of Travel

  25:33: Prioritizing When Running a Successful Location-Independent Business/Blog

  30:25: Being a Good Friend and Analyzing Friendships

  33:38: Becoming a Forbes Top Travel Influencer

  37:53: Where Does The Blonde Abroad Get Traffic?

  41:18: Moving from Blogger to Entrepreneur and Being an Early Adapter

  47:38: Blending Influence w/ Entrepreneurship

  50:58: Giving the Online World Boundaries

  55:28: Creating Your Own Videos While Traveling

1:04:38: Top Blogging Perks

1:08:28: Top Travel Experiences

1:12:58: Top Conferences & Groups​

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