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Ep.478 ~ He’s 24 & Went From $3k to $20 Million in 1 Year ~ Kevin Zhang 

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100 Interviews with 100 Major Influencers

Kevin is a 24-year-old serial eCommerce entrepreneur who has successfully built multiple 7-figure brands and is the CEO of Kreator eCommerce, a global business that features over 60 team members with facilities in 3 countries.

Starting with only $3K saved from a summer job, Kevin became a self-made millionaire at the age of 23, only one year after graduating college.  Although Kevin is young in terms of age, his traditional approach to business basics has helped him to achieve acclaim within the eCommerce community for building a $20+M business in his first year as an entrepreneur.  He is highly sought after as both an investor and strategic advisor for organizations focused on eCommerce and has helped these organizations strengthen their digital strategy, ranging from a luxury fashion brand frequented by A-list celebrities to a 9-figure gaming company.

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Kevin is the son of Chinese immigrants who came to America in pursuit of the American Dream, Kevin has a passion for elevating those around him and views eCommerce as a means of extending opportunity to driven, hardworking individuals from all backgrounds. Aside from his own ventures, Kevin is also active in the world of entrepreneurship education. He also focuses his time on Generation E – a movement he founded to provide high quality, free eCommerce education for all. He has a vision for inspiring and empowering one million new entrepreneurs.

    02:15 Who is Kevin Zhang?

    05:19 Hitting $20 Million in 1 Year

    15:15 Choosing Entrepreneurship Over Corporate Success

    18:35 Kevin on His Business Model

    30:05 Using Outsourcing & Automation For Scalability

    44:31 Kevin on Productivity

 1:01:30 Where To Find Kevin

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