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Ep.255 ~ Automating a Business to Take a Year Off ~ Kavit Haria

~ Current Series ~

100 Interviews with 100

7- Figure Location-Independent Entrepreneurs 

Hello entrepreneurs!

This is our 19th podcast interview of 100 entrepreneurs that have built successful location independent businesses that generate over $1,000,000 in annual revenue and today’s guest is the founder of Insider Internet Success, Kavit Haria.  Kavit started out as a musician and very intelligently learned that the majority of popular musicians were also master marketers. By understanding this, he applied it to his music career and his fame grew rapidly.  Kavit then began applying this to business building a successful automated business where he could step away for a year and travel the world while the business ran on its own.  Today, he shares how he did this.

“The true definition of an entrepreneur is someone who can leave their business for a significant period of time, and their business still produces the same revenue, the same result.” Kavit Haria quoting Derek Sivers

01:10: Who is Kavit Haria

10:30: Using Marketing with to Become a Well Known Musician

14:19: The Process of Automating a Business to Take a Year Off

21:18: What Kavit Would Have Done Differently When Automating His Business

25:09: The Biggest School of Life is Traveling

26:31: What Entrepreneurs are Dropping the Ball On Today?

Honorable Mentions:

Derek Sivers founder of CD Baby


Contact Info:


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