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Ep.472 ~ 7-Figure Remote Entrepreneurs Traveling Non-Stop with 6 Kids ~ Ka Sundance


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What are the pictures in your mind that come up when you think of traveling the world with children?  Most people think of the challenges, the fears, the lack of support and the money.  Of course, you would need to be very rich to make this happen, right?


Our guest today has been traveling the world almost non-stop with his wife for nearly 20 years and everywhere they go, their kids come along. And guess what? They don’t just have one or two kids. Not three or four...they have six!  Yes, six and they are one of the few truly nomadic/location independent entrepreneurs of the world that travel long term as a family and without a home base. On top of that, they are very successful in business, but they didn’t start out that way.  

They started out as poor backpackers in their early years trying to get by while traveling the world, and they forged a life of their own when the world told them they were wrong. Now, people can’t wait to ask them how they did it! They are The Sundance Family and today the father, Ka Sundance, joins us from Slovakia to share about how he and his wife Katie made this dream a reality.



“I felt like a lot of people, and I still feel a lot of people are living lies. Lies toward themselves, trying to live a life that is supposedly normal, but is making them unhappy.” Ka Sundance








“True security comes from within!” Ka Sundance



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Contact Info:

01:38: The Sundance Family

05:26: The Sundance Family as Entrepreneurs

06:32: The Sundance Family’s Decision to Go Raw Food and Vegan to Save Their Son’s Life

14:22: Finding Out a Baby is On the Way in South America, and Deciding to Keep Traveling

20:21: Ka’s Family Reaction to World Travel with Small Children

22:52: Ka On Making the Leap to Travel with Kids

26:57: How Ka and Katie Define Security for Their Family

31:40: Maintaining Healthy Long-Term Intimate Relationships while Traveling

38:37: Ka’s Dream for His Children

45:55: Tips on Growing a 7-Figure Location Independent Business

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