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Ep.278 ~ Selling 6 & 7 Figure Websites ~ Justin Cooke

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100 Interviews with 100 Location Independent Entrepreneurs That Have Over $1,000,000 in Annual Revenue

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Welcome to the show today and I am ever excited for this episode. Today, we welcome the co-founder of Empire Flippers, Justin Cooke to the show! I have known about Justin and his company for some time now and I’ve had the opportunity to watch Empire Flippers grow over the past few years.  Currently, Justin and his team have sold over $35,000,000 in online businesses. They are listed on Inc. Magazine’s Top 500 businesses for the past two years and brokered around 1,800 businesses.


Throughout this episode, Justin gets into the specifics of buying and selling websites and why you might want to consider looking at these types of opportunities. Later in the show, Justin shares about the process of building a 7-figure location independent business and some of the challenges of keeping it a location independent.


“Don’t settle for what you think the business needs to be, build the business you want to have.” Justin Cooke

01:43:  Justin on Month-Long Retreats for His Company

05:29: Starting Empire Flippers

10:52: Thinking About Selling Your Website, Justin Walks Us Through The Empire Flippers Selling Process

13:27: Buying vs Building Your Own Website

15:54: Is Buying a Website a Valid Retirement Option?

17:53: Some of Empire Flippers Most Interesting Businesses

21:03: Turnover Rate for Empire Flippers

22:47: Making Inc. Magazine’s Top 500

24:49: Justin On Building a 7-Figure Location Independent Business

29:21: Traits to Look for When Hiring Specifically for a Location Independent Business

33:16: The Biggest Challenge Building a Location Independent Business


“If you have less than $10,000 to spend in the business, you’re probably better off...building the business from scratch.” Justin Cooke

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Authority Hacker

Digital Marketer

Contact Info:

Empire Flippers

Empire Flippers Podcast

Twitter: @empireflippers

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