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Ep.424 ~ Roasting The Entrepreneur Life ~ JP Sears

~ Current Series ~

100 Interviews with 100 Major Influencers

“I think that the best form of spirituality is the religion called ‘Entrepreneurship,” JP Sears

On today's episode, we are welcoming the ultra-spiritual life coach JP Sears to the show. JP has been called the honey badger of the spiritual kingdom and is the creator of the popular YouTube channel ‘Awaken with JP.’ Not only that, JP is a spiritual guru, international teacher emotional healing coach, entrepreneur, and the author of his new book ‘How to be Ultra Spiritual.”

I wanted to bring JP on the Podcast after seeing his video ‘The Entrepreneur Life’. In JP’s terms “The entrepreneur life is a hard life of hustle, scaling, creating apps, starting startups, telling people that you're hustling, and pretending to be a billionaire. It's a lot of hard work, but it's a glorious life where you're a rock star of the business world who does things on your terms.”

I personally couldn’t agree more, so here to talk about his new book and ‘The Entrepreneur Life’ is the honey badger of the spiritual kingdom, JP Sears!

“The only thing better than our listeners hustling, is them watching us hustle. Why? Because we can’t monetize their hustle, we can monetize our hustle through them watching our hustling.” JP Sears

03:37: JP’s Tips On How Entrepreneurs Can Become More Spiritual

16:52: JP On How to Monetize the Hustle

18:15: JP On Tech Being the One True Industry

22:49: JP’s Gary Vaynerchuk Impression

26:24: JP’s Steps on Spiritual Superiority From His New Book

29:55: How to Create the Four Hour Spiritual Week

32:51: The Anti-Spiritual Entrepreneur

“If you’re not scaling something, then get the hell out of my life. Why are you wasting my time?” JP Sears

Honorable Mentions:

'The Entrepreneur Life' Video

‘How to be Ultra Spiritual’ by JP Sears

Gary Vaynerchuk

Elon Musk

Steve Jobs

Richard Branson

Tim Ferriss

~JP has some other great videos that can apply to the entrepreneurs out there~

Pursuing Your Passion vs. Accepting What Is

How to Deal with Rejection

Balancing Work and Family Life

Becoming Successful on YouTube

The Four Hour Spiritual Week

Self Discipline - Is it Helping or Harming You?

The Dark Side of Goal Setting

How to Be a Life Coach

“The best way to become a leader is to get your followers, to follow you.” JP Sears

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SnapChat: AwakenWithJP



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