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Ep.558 ~ A $4.2 Billion Company That 3D Prints Rockets ~ Jordan Noone

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~ Interviewing Billionaires, Billion Dollar Founders
& the World's Most Interesting People ~

As a 20 year old, our guest today became the youngest person to launch a rocket that could reach space and he actually made it happen! At 30, he built and launched the world’s first 3D printed rocket - that was printed on the world’s largest 3D printer that his company developed. He also founded that company Relativity Space that is now worth $4.2 billion! His name is Jordan Noone, and he is on the podcast with us today!

05:40 - Thinking and Building Legos

07:22 - School Structure Rebel

12:02 - Launching the First Student Built Rocket into Space

18:27 - The Blended Support of the University for the Student Rocket Launch

21:44 - Abundant Thinking and Naivety

24:32 - Calculating the Fundamental Physics of Rocket

29:43 - The Inspiration Behind 3D Printing Rockets

36:14 - Spend Time Thinking and Exploring New Ideas

38:05 - Jordan’s Role in Raising Money for Relativity

41:47 - Biggest Lessons in Raising Funds

45:48 - One of the Common Blind Spots that Founders Get Trapped In

48:32 - Different Ways of Solving Problem

51:54 - Jordan’s Greatest Fear

55:33 - The Most Off-Beat Advice

59:30 - Embedded Ventures’ Unique Way of Investing 

01:04:29 - Jordan’s Book Recommendation, “Building a Better Mouse.”

01:06:27 - What’s Next for Jordan in the Next 10 Years

01:10:16 - Reach out and Connect with Jordan Noone

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