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Ep.334 & 335 ~ From Wall St. to Microfinance to Frozen Food to Selling Chinese Medicine Online Part I ~ John McGarvey

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~ Current Series ~

100 Interviews with 100 Location Independent Entrepreneurs That Have Over $1,000,000 in Annual Revenue

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From working on Wall Street to Micro-Finance in Tibet to a frozen food business in Florida and the Dominican Republic with 10,000 distributors, and an online Chinese Medicine business our guest today has seen a lot as an entrepreneur. John McGarvey the founder of Dao Labs joins us he is an incredibly seasoned businessman with a wealth of knowledge. We get behind his story and discuss the Wall St. vs Main St. mentality, the inner workings of Microfinance in developing countries, successful company, and Chinese Medicine. We also dive into the importance of goal setting and the hacks to maintain a highly productive life.   


Part I:


02:58: Who is John McGarvey?

15:32: Wall St. Mentality vs. Seasoned Entrepreneur Mentality

21:10: Working With Microfinance in Tibet

24:33: John On the Nonprofit Industry

28:32: Growing a Natural Foods Company to 10,000 Distribution Points


Part II:


02:10: John on The U.S. Food Industry

06:25: Continued on Growing a Frozen Food Company to 10,000 Distribution Points

09:34: John On Benchmarks in His Business Career

11:11: John On Productivity and Working with a Productivity Results Coach

15:03: Weekly Planning Process for Productivity

23:06: Dao Labs

29:00: The Difference Between a 6-Figure & 7-Figure Mentality



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