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Ep.294 ~ John Logar Unleashed Part II

~ Current Series ~

100 Interviews with 100 Location Independent Entrepreneurs That Have Over $1,000,000 in Annual Revenue

Hey listeners and welcome back to the show! Today, we are featuring the second part of an interview with the great John Logar! The first part was published yesterday as Ep.293 ~ John Logar Unleashed Part I.


 John is the founder of Consulting Unleashed and has been an entrepreneur for the past twenty-five years. John has conducted over 5000 one-on-one focused strategy sessions with top business people from all over the world and specializes in helping people build 6-7 figure consulting businesses in a years time. If you google John’s name you will quickly find that he is all over the online entrepreneurial and business world.


My favorite trait about John is that he is humble, down-to-earth, easy to connect to and just a great guy all around. John and I got right into an incredible conversation as soon as the call started and there wasn’t a formal intro, so I just hit the record button and things kicked off! We will jump into that conversation now!


“Most of the competition sucks!” John Logar


02:46: How John Takes Failed Projects and Makes Them a Win Continued…

06:08: Systems of Wealth that John Participates In

17:30: John On Having Control of Your Money

18:29: Is Money Important?


“When you have clarity, you have certainty. When you have certainty, you have confidence. When you have confidence, you can succeed and you can accelerate your opportunities.” John Logar



Honorable Mentions:


The DC Community


Quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles Nick Foles Failure Speech:


The Founder, True Story About the Founder of Modern Day Franchises and Make McDonalds Famous, Ray Croc

Chandler Bolt


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