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Ep.422 ~ One of the Most Powerful People in Media You’ve Never Met ~ John Hall

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~ Current Series ~

100 Interviews with 100 Major Influencers

As we dive down this rabbit hole of influence we have noticed there's a couple different types of influencers that are out there. There is the influencer that everybody knows. This influencer is the one that everybody sees. The influencer that has a massive public image, you see them all over Instagram, Twitter, the media, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. These influencers are what you could call Spotlight Influencers. Then you have another type of influencer that isn’t so much in the spotlight. This influencer is a more of an underground influencer. These are people that have significant influence but decide to stay under the radar just a little bit. They still have their personal brands, they still get into media sources, but they are not the typical faces you might see when you think of ‘influencers’. 

Today’s guest is a master at the second type of influence. John Hall has been called by Inc. magazine as “one of the most powerful people in media that you have never met!” He is Ernest and Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year in 2016, he has been recognized as one of Business Journal’s Top 100 Visionaries. The company he co-founded was ranked #239 on the Inc. 500 and #72 on the Forbes list of the most promising companies in America.  There's an art and science to this type of influence and on the show today John shares with us some of his best secrets to maintaining this influence. 

We talk with John about how he developed the company Influence & Co, how it became the largest creator and distributor of expert content for major media outlets. We talk with John about building influence with his clients and some of the key takeaways that he learned from seven years of helping other businesses gain influence.

John has some core values as an influencer, and it really boils down to simple things such as personal relationships, how he gauges every single personal acquaintance, and how he decides whether he's going to continue that personal relationship or let it go.


These days John runs A great software that is used not only for scheduling, but it is helping people measure and increase their productivity also. Towards the end of the show we chat about two of his really awesome articles that I enjoyed reading, Perception of Influence vs. Actual Influence and how you can use both of those to grow your brand, as well as 7 Tips for Seeking Out and Seducing the Best Influencers to Love Your Brand..

     02:43: Who is John Hall?

     10:38: John on His Entrepreneurial Journey

     13:30: John on Influence

     15:41: John on Managing Your Ego

     17:29: The Story Behind Influence & Co.

     19:41: How John Obtained the Domain

     22:18: John on How To Maintain Relationships

     27:18: The Mission of

     34:46: John on How He Uses His Influence to Grow

     37:51: How To Get Started Pitching Your Writing To Major Platforms

     40:56: Perception of Influence vs. Actual Influence

     45:25: How To Identify Fake Influencers

     48:09: John’s Favorite Influencers

     53:05: How To Keep A Low Profile As An Influencer

     57:05: John on Choosing Influence Over Money

01:01:50: John’s Favorite Conferences

01:03:27: A Sneak Peek into John's Book, "Top of Mind"

01:05:21: John on The Future of Influencer Marketing

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