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Ep.407 ~ Becoming a Top 1% Jet Fighter Pilot and Using That Mentality for High-Performance ~ John Foley

John Foley Blue Angel

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Could you imagine flying a fighter jet at 1000 miles per hour? Or flying that same jet upside down and only 3 feet away from another jet also going just as fast as you are? To operate at this level you need an incredible amount of training to become one of the best jet pilots on the planet and today’s guest is one of them and his name is John Foley .  John is a retired Blue Angel pilot for the Navy. The “Blues” as they are called, are known to be the absolute best jet pilots on earth. To perform at this level, takes a lot of focus and hard work and much of his training has helped him transfer into the high-performing entrepreneur and public speaker that he is today.


Today on the show, John talks about his experience as a Blue Angel fighter pilot.  He shares with us about training for dog fighting in the air flying at lightning speed. John talks about what it is like flying at 1000 miles per hour, the scariest flight he ever made almost leading to disaster, and how he mastered his thoughts and emotions to get behind the pilots seat the very next day.  As you could imagine it takes an intense high-performance mentality, so we also ask John about focus, meditation, visualization, flow-state and how to master your mindset for success. Lastly, John shares about applying this to business and having a professional speaking career!


  06:15: Who is John Foley & What is a Blue Angel?

  12:25: What is Dog Fighting for Pilots?

  14:20: Using Focus, Visualization & Debriefing as a Fighter Pilot

  16:55: Flying Upside Down 3 Feet Away From Another Jet

  20:20: Becoming a Blue Angel Fighter Pilot

  24:40: Mentalities Between Blue Angel’s and Other Pilots

  26:25: What is it Like at 1000 Miles Per Hour?

  29:20: John’s Scariest Flight

  35:20: Preparing to Fly Again After Almost Dying

  40:50: John on Meditation

  45:15: Focus and Flow-State from a Professional Fighter Pilot

  49:10: Forming a New Habit

  51:55: Keeping Energy Levels High

  58:00: Creating a Professional Speaking Career

1:03:25: Determining Your Monetary Worth as a Speaker


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