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Ep.433 ~ Making The Four Hour Work Week a Reality ~ John Crestani

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100 Interviews with 100 Major Influencers

I love it when people hop on the podcast ready to make a great show, with a contagiously stoked attitude and a lot to share. They really make an impact, and I will literally talk about these episodes with my friends non-stop. Quite often I have no idea what show is going to have such an impact on me. I have had some guests that I thought the show would be great, and they were really difficult. Then, I have had other guests, that really surprised me how they showed up on the mic. What is the magic touch when it comes to being a good interviewee? For me it is personality and connection. If someone is truly interested in connecting, having a good time on the podcast and being open, those usually make the best episodes. Sometimes, and we all can tell, the person just shows up to promote their own agenda. I am not knocking it, I know many people do this, and it can be a decent marketing strategy.


But the best episodes, the interviews that leave a mark, the ones that I end up naturally promoting and talking about more are the episodes where the interviewee is stoked, ready to be on the show, having a good time and sharing some of the juiciest tips they have. Today's guest is one of those episodes that I will never forget. 


I’ve seen this guy pop up on my YouTube channel a few times and he stood out to me. So, I reached out to him but didn’t hear anything back. About a year later, someone on his team reached out to us to have him on the podcast. I already knew who he was and instantly accepted the request. His name is John Crestani


John is the perfect example of a ‘Four-Hour Work Week’ case study. He is a lifestyle entrepreneur that started out on an island in Thailand trying to figure out what to do with his life, to creating massive online success in a short period of time. For the past few years, John is running a fully location-independent business pulling in $1,2,3,4+ million USD annually with ZERO employees, and he does it with zest, zeal and a really awesome attitude. 


As soon as John hopped on the call, he had a big smile on his face and I knew instantly we were going to get along.  We talk about a lot today on the show, because even though John has no employees, there are still many facets to his business. We start off talking about John, when he was on the island in Thailand and what he was going through. Like many of us lifestyle entrepreneurs he came across the book ‘The Four-Hour Work Week’ and it really had a massive impact the way he saw the world. He started out selling on eBay, then trying to go back to University and selling digital products to his fellow students, which turned out to be pretty lucrative. It took him a few years to master the online game, but when he did, he started to crush it.  We get to delve deep into how he has built a multi 7-figure business with no employees, how he still designs his work life around the hobbies he enjoys, what he would do if he had to start all over again, why he is doubling down on YouTube, and the strategies he is using that is quite different then other people teaching the same thing as him on YouTube, and much, much more.

   03:04: Who is John Crestani?

   06:57: The Power of Perspective

   17:51: Balancing Lifestyle & Entrepreneurship

   24:30: The Impact of Reading “The Four Hour Workweek”

   26:49: Running a 7-Figure Business With Zero Employees

   35:09: John’s Tips on Selling Online Courses

   36:59: How To Strategically Position Yourself In A Community

   41:42: John’s Favorite Communities & Organizations

   44:00: Why Youtube?

   53:17: John’s Vision for the Next Decade

1:02:38: John on Managing Influence

1:06:31: John’s Favorites Books & Podcasts

1:14:00: How John Got Featured in Forbes

1:18:32: Where to Find John Crestani

Contact Info:


John’s Forbes Article the Went Viral 



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