Ep. 146 ~ Balancing Emotions in Business ~ John Castagnini


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“Everyone of us owes it to ourselves to hone the skill in so that we can perform in the zone on a continuous basis!” John Castagnini

Today podcast listeners we have the founder of ThankGodI, John Castagnini on the show. ThankGodI is a movement that John started to help people understand the value of appreciation in all circumstances. When you visit ThankGodI.com you will see quotes from people that say things like “Thank God I have Cancer.”, “Thank God I was abused.”, “Thank God I was raped., and “Thank God I was a heroin addict.”


Quotes like these can be very shocking to people and one might say to themselves, “How can someone thank God they were raped?”  John wants all people to become aware of the empowerment of being appreciative of all events that happen in our lives and he has many stories from people who can be a testament to this.

“Is it failing or is it changing?” John Castagnini

I first ran into John when he was speaking at a conference in northern California. His speech was incredible and very inspirational. Needless to say, he had the crowd on the edge of their seats and is why I wanted to get him on the show. I believe the inspiration that he wants to give to the world has created a movement to truly help others while building a business at the same time. He is a perfect example of how this is possible. and without further adieu here is today's show with John Castagnini.

"When we tap into our uniqueness, our purpose, our vision…we activate the prefrontal cortex…so we literally access our creativity and genius that way. Now taking that genius and channeling it into a business is its own art.” John Castagnini

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