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Ep.351 ~ A 7-Figure Location Independent Giving Model ~ John Abbott


~ Current Series ~

100 Interviews with 100 Location Independent Entrepreneurs That Have Over $1,000,000 in Annual Revenue

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Hey listeners welcome to The Business Method Podcast we are excited to have you listening. On today’s episode, we welcome a seasoned 7-figure location independent entrepreneur that started out building a sales company from his bedroom at the age of 17. At 22, he developed the first CD-ROM in South Africa, selling his company at the age of 24. Throughout the next 20 years, John Abbott continued as an entrepreneur creating and growing businesses and mentoring over 200 entrepreneurs.

Throughout the episode, we chat about John’s experience as an entrepreneur, the importance of systems in our lives, the importance of results-based activities, how John trains entrepreneurs and basing his life in Bali.

02:23: Building FreedomXFest

06:45: Who is John Abbott?

10:20: Creating the First CD-ROM in South Africa titled ‘Apartheid’ and Releasing it on the Eve of Nelson Mandela’s Release From Prison

18:10: What is the Matrix?

27:54: Systems That John Uses to Maintain Freedom and Achieve Results

33:15: Tapping Into a More Abundant Mindset

36:38: Smaller Systems John Uses

39:45: Training Entrepreneur to Get Better Results Faster

42:42: The Giving Model of Marketing and Sales

52:55: Why John Chooses Bali?


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