Ep.172 ~ Entrepreneur Runs 7 Ultra Marathons on 7 Continents to Build 7 Schools ~ Joel Runyon

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“When you have a lot of people behind you, it suddenly becomes a lot more possible.” Joel Runyon

Today listeners, we have a special episode featuring the founder of ImpossibleHQ, Joel Runyon on the show. On this episode, Joel really digs deep into the concept of building a business he is passionate about and, at the same time, supporting his lifestyle. ImpossibleHQ is a business and a passion that inspires people to do the impossible. While Joel built it up, he created some side businesses along the way, these were spinoffs of his main business. Together these businesses continued to fund his location independent lifestyle and build his wealth at the same time.

Currently, Joel is focused on his 777 Project. He will be running seven Ultra Marathons to raise a total $175,000. This money will go to Pencils of Promise to construct seven schools in third-world countries.  Currently, Joel has completed six of seven Ultra Marathons and will finish up his last one a few weeks from the podcast release date. He also offers some great tips about the mentality it takes to be an Ultra Marathon runner and how he keeps his body in shape.

08:51: Joel on Creating a Business that Funds His Lifestyle

13:06: Building an Audience for Impossible HQ

23:14: The 777 Project

29:39: Joel’s Biggest Challenge during The 777 Project

34:17: Joel on Running an Ultra Marathon in Antartica

39:51: Ultra Marathoner’s Health and Body Habits

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'The Impossible Manifesto' by Joel Runyon


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