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Ep.420 ~ The Importance of Creating Useful People & Making It on Forbes 30 Under 30 ~ Jodie Cook

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~ Current Series ~

100 Interviews with 100 Major Influencers

Starting a successful social media agency at twenty-two and building it to become one of the UK’s leading social media companies, getting on Forbes 30 Under 30, and the UK Powerlifting Team, creating a business model where she can travel one month out of every three, landing a TedX Talk, becoming an author and writing children's books, then getting them in every primary school in her home country. The list goes on and on but that is the start of our podcast today when we interview the incredible entrepreneur Jodie Cook!


I recently met Jodie after being introduced to her writing on Forbes and I was impressed with all that she had created in her life as an entrepreneur and influencer.  Jodie is the founder of JC Social Media and she has built it to be one of the largest agencies in the United Kingdom. 


On the show today, we chat with Jodie about her life, her habits and how she has created success. We first dive into a chat about personal habits for success, then moving into her story about how the children books she wrote got in all the primary schools in the UK. Later in the show, we chat more about the future of social media, getting on Forbes 30 Under 30 and we even touch on being an influencer in today's world. 


02:30: Who is Jodie Cook?

08:02: Jodie’s Powerlifting Training Routine

09:10: Powerlifting & Entrepreneurship

11:08: How Jodie Stays Focused

12:05: Jodie’s Visualization Process

14:19: Starting A Social Media Agency at 22

18:39: The Importance of Creating Useful People

20:08: Jodie on Writing Children’s Books

25:52: Jodie's Goal-Setting Process

32:42: Jodie on the Future of Social Media

34:02: Achieving Work/Life Balance As An Entrepreneur

42:21: Jodie’s Tips on Cold Outreach

46:15: Jodie on Making Europe’s Forbes 30 Under 30 List

50:45: How Jodie Manages Her Influence

53:58: Jodie’s Tips for Growing Your Influence

55:14: Where to Find Jodie Cook

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