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Ep.185 ~ From Selling Thigh-Masters to Eating Crickets ~ Jesse Schoberg

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100 Interviews in 100 Days with 100 Entrepreneurs That Have Built $100,000+ Businesses


“I was selling Thigh-Masters on Ebay when I was sixteen!”  Jesse Schoberg

On today’s show, we welcome world traveling digital nomad and serial entrepreneur Jesse Schoberg to the show. Jesse is the founder LJHost is a development agency that he started in 2001. Jesse shares with us about how he started selling Thigh Masters online in high school and has been growing businesses ever since.

Throughout the interview we talk about hiring in Ukraine vs. America, recruiting and work/life balance.  Jesse shares in thorough detail about his hiring process, and then chats a bit about why he thinks Slack is completely inefficient.  Lastly, Jesse shares the details about his newest project a business dedicated to informing people about edible crickets and insects as an alternative source of protein.

It is a high-energy podcast and a very good time chatting with Jesse.

“Project management systems are so much more efficient than using Slack because everyone can actually get their work done instead of sitting in the chat room all day.” 

 Jesse Schoberg

01:29 Panama City

05:53: Hiring Domestic vs. Abroad

14:15: Jesse Shares His Recruitment Process

18:23: Jesse on Why Slack is Inefficient

18:50: What Works Better Than Slack

22:47: Jesse on Work-Life Balance

25:41: Stopping the Work to Enjoy Life

29:15: Diversification on Your Projects/Businesses

31:08: Jesse on Edible Crickets

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