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Ep.228 ~ Making Entrepreneurs Into Authors ~ Jesse Krieger


~ Current Series ~

Interviewing 100 Entrepreneurs w/ $100k Businesses in 100 Days

“Seventy-percent plus of Americans have thought about writing a book, or believe they have a book in them…and less than one-percent ever do.” Jesse Krieger

Many entrepreneurs think about writing a book, many end up writing one, two, three or multiple books.  After thousands of hours of practical experience building business, they use their books to teach others, some use it as a marketing channel, some have an inspirational story to tell, and some use it for all of those reasons.

Today on the podcast, we have the founder of Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press, Jesse Krieger on the show.  Jesse specializes in making entrepreneurs authors and authors entrepreneurs. To date, Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press has published over 28 personal development/entrepreneurial books and a few fiction and spiritually focused books.

In beginning half of the show, Jesse and I will dive into his experience playing music on the streets of Europe and how it led him to launch a record label. We also discuss the importance of entrepreneurs expressing their creativity, and the process of becoming a published author. Towards the end of the show, Jesse shares how he keeps the author’s momentum going after the book launch, and some hacks to get on best-seller lists.

“The root of most personal dissatisfaction is a lack of creative expression, or a gap or incongruency between what they currently do, for profession or even personally, and what they want to be doing…” Jesse Krieger

02:31: Who is Jesse Krieger?

07:43: Jesse and Chris Chat About Entrepreneurs Expressing Creativity

10:00: What Jesse Learned From Playing Music on the Streets of Europe

13:19: Jesse Talks About an ‘Instant Feedback Cycle’ for Growth

15:47: What is Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press?

19:38: The Process of Publishing Entrepreneurs Books

24:57: How Authors Keep Momentum Going After a Book Launch

27:44: Jesse’s Hacks to Get On Best-Seller Lists

“The core strategy of becoming a best-seller is concentrating interests and purchasing activity into a finite window of time.” Jesse Krieger

Honorable Mentions:

~Harsh Krieger Record Label

~Jasper Ribbers

~Top Resource for AirBnB Hosting ‘Get Paid for Your Pad’ by Jasper Ribbers and Huzefa Kapadia

~‘Lifestyle Entrepreneur’ by Jesse Krieger

~Dave Chesson, Kindle Calculator

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