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Ep.367 ~ Underground Fight Clubs, Waking Delta State-of-Mind, Enhancing Creativity & a Simple Business Model ~ Jesse Elder


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100 Interviews with 100 Location Independent Entrepreneurs That Have Over $1,000,000 in Annual Revenue

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I recently met today’s guest on an island in Croatia at the most impressive business conference I had ever been to. It was called Baby Bathwater Institute and on the island were many of the world's top entrepreneurs/inventors/investors and thought leaders. A few of them include Jamie Wheal the co-founder of Flow Genome Project and author of Stealing Fire, Trevor Chapman who hosts a top-five business podcast on iTunes. Jack Charles Alloca, one of the worlds top neuroscientist. The men that spend the most amount of money on YouTube and Google Ads totaling in hundreds of millions of dollars a month and the marketing genius that took GoPro from $16 million to $600 million.  There was also one individual that wasn’t as well known but just as impressive. His name is Jesse Elder and he is the guest on our show today.


Jesse is an entrepreneur, international speaker and black belt in Taekwondo. He started out building multiple martial arts schools in Texas as a young man eventually selling them to follow another vision he had to build his personal brand and become a mindset coach. I have seen A LOT of mindset coaches out there, and I can honestly say, I think he is one of the best I have ever encountered. Jesse has a way to him that can captivate those that are around him, and after I attended one of his talks, I remember how much in awe the audience of incredibly successful entrepreneurs was afterward. Fortunate for us, Jesse was kind enough to come on the show! And by the way, this is without a doubt one of my favorite interviews.


On the show, Jesse talks about mindset in a much different way than I had ever heard. He shares tips on enhancing creativity and the importance of using that creativity in our businesses. He shares about his years teaching martial arts, the importance of understanding what is useful vs. what is truth, a powerful four-phase meditation and he also tells us about his experience fighting in underground fight clubs and being in waking delta state-of-mind.

07:00: Increasing and Enhancing Creativity

10:30: Having Too Many Awesome Creative Ideas to Implement

12:05: Losing Inspiration on an Idea or Goal

14:50: Who is Jesse Elder?

22:30: Finding Integrity Through Underground Fight Clubs

28:15: Applying Concepts That Are Based on Results

32:40: Know When You Need to Follow a New Path in Life

37:20: Jesse’s Daily Routine

40:10: The Four Phase Meditation

49:10: Waking Delta Brainwaves

55:05: Gamma State of Mind

1:01:20: Jesse on Implementing Goals


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