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Ep.494 ~ #218 on Inc’s 5000 List w/ 2000% Growth in 3 Years ~ Jeremy Parker


~ High-Performance Entrepreneurship ~

Jeremy Parker is the co-founder & CEO of Swag has been ranked #218 on Inc Magazine’s Top 5000 List. They are a top eCommerce platform for purchasing promotional materials offering a wide variety of customizable branded content.  Swag warehouses products until customers would like to have them delivered to remote clients and employees, en masse or individually.

Jeremy and the Swag team have created some amazing results over the past few years. They did $365k in business year one, $1.1M year two, $3.1M in sales year three, $7million in year four and $15.5M this past year. They have grown 2000% over three years, creating partnerships with thousands of companies including TikTok, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Netflix, and Spotify.  

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Jeremy himself is a serial entrepreneur having created multiple successful organizations over the course of his entrepreneurial career. Jeremy went on to start multiple companies with his brother David and notable partner Jesse Itzler, Co-Founder of Marquis Jet, and owner of Atlanta Hawks. His first company Tippt, an e-commerce platform that distributes unique promotion codes through social media went on to be acquired by a publicly traded company.

Jeremy himself was named one of Crain's NY 40 Under 40, and one of my favorite traits about him is his passion for spreading positivity & kindness in business while infusing awareness into how we consume.

04:17 Who is Jeremy Parker?

09:58 Getting the Domain

13:02 Jeremy’s Entrepreneurial Journey

17:23 How Filmmaking Inspired Jeremy

20:00 Creating Partnerships w/ Famous Youtubers

25:21 Business Model

29:42 Warehousing Product

38:00 Creating Partnerships w/ Tik Tok, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Netflix & Spotify

46:00 2021 Vision

48:26 How Jeremy Picks Business Winners

51:37 Spreading Positivity & Kindness

54:37 Where to Find Jeremy Parker

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