Ep.201 ~ What’s Your Customers Narrative and How Does it Affect Your Business? ~ Jeremy Hendon


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“Everything that we know about ourselves, everything we think about ourselves, but also everything we think about the world is a narrative that we tell in a particular way.” Jeremy Hendon

 On today’s show, we have the serial entrepreneur and co-founder of three online magazines, Jeremy Hendon on our show. Jeremy has built multiple six-figure businesses, is an expert in and storytelling, and a brilliant mind to learn from.

Today, we get to hear the story behind the man. We chat about Jeremy’s success mentality, and the first three businesses he built, selling two of them in just a few short years. Towards the latter part of the show, Jeremy dives deep into narrative and the importance of using narrative in business. He divulges into the psychology behind the stories that we have as people, and how you can apply this to your business to attract more clients or customers.

“Narratives really do change the way we interact with the world and the way the world interacts with us.” Jeremy Hendon

01:30: Jeremy’s Story

17:19: Jeremy on Success Mentality

22:08: Narrative and It Affects a Persons Stories and Myths

35:36: Are Entrepreneurs Good at Narrative?

36:51: Examples of Good Narrative

“One of the ways big companies don’t keep up with social media, is they don’t realize that their customer’s narrative is changing constantly.” Jeremy Hendon

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