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Ep.462 ~The Future of Video, Television, & Apps from the Co-Founder of Harmon Bros. ~ Jeffrey Harmon


~ Current Series ~

100 Interviews with 100 Major Influencers

If you haven't heard of Harmon Brothers. there is a good chance you have seen a commercial or advertisement that was created by this company. Our guest today is Jeffery Harmon, one of the famous Harmon brothers. Jeffrey was one of the first people to figure out you could advertise on YouTube and make money and he did it.

In January of 2011, Jeffrey said this…”If my calculations are correct then I can safely estimate that at least 500 channels on YouTube have already created full-time jobs. Hindsight is 20/20 and it was suggested to me by a mentor of mine back in 2011 to start a YouTube channel and use it to make money. I ignored this advice and we see where YouTube has gone in the past 9 years.

Now...if you have seen a commercial for Poo Pourri, Clickfunnels, Woodwind Grills, Purple Mattress, Chatbooks, and my favorite the legendary Squatty Potty then you have seen an ad that made the Harmon brothers legends in the marketing world. They now have over $350 Million in sales as a direct result from their video ads, and nearly 1.5 billion cumulative client video views. 

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Now, that is just scratching the surface of Jeffery Harmon, Jeffery is also the founder of VidAngel, a program that filters violence, profanity, racial slurs, disturbing images and sex from regular TV so families can keep it clean for the kids, or for the adults. He then created Dry Bar Comedy which is a place for people to enjoy clean comedy...thank God..I get tired of comedy only being dirty and trashy. They have a YouTube channel and app for Dry Bar Comedy. The YouTube channel has 834,000 subscribers and their app is used close to 30 minutes per use! Dry Bar Comedy is an actual comedy show that now goes on tour around the country to give live clean humor to the world, and now Jeffrey and his partners have released The Chosen App which is the first app of its kind to keep a movie series, and its community completely on the app and has spread to 1 million downloads in just over 2 months using a giving model!

     02:11: Who is Jeffrey Harmon?

     10:26: Orabrush- The Beginning of Harmon Brothers

     22:05: Why Youtube?

     27:14: Jeffrey's Predictions

     30:45: Drybar Comedy

     43:09: The Chosen App

     53:21: Jeffrey's Creative Process

01:07:03: Where to find Jeffrey Harmon


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