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Ep.485 ~ The Coach of Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong, Richard Branson & Olympians  ~ Jeff Spencer 

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~ Current Series ~

100 Interviews with 100 Major Influencers

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Today, we are joined by a legendary performance coach, Dr. Jeff Spencer. Jeff has spent over 300,000 hours coaching elite athletes, literally the top performance athletes in the world. His coaching methods have led to over 40 gold medals. He’s worked directly with Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong,  Richard Branson, Vice Admiral David H. Buss, 4-Time World Sprint Cycling Champion Connie Paraskevin, and Biohacking Legend Dave Asprey. 

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At seven years old Jeff committed to becoming an Olympic cyclist. At twenty-one, he competed in the Olympics. Soon after that he realized that helping exceptional performers tap into their highest potential was as equally satisfying, as competing and winning himself. Ever since, Jeff has coached Top-Tier Performers into Elite Performers. He has changed their habits, strengthened their minds, and given them the tools to consistently deliver at the height of their games.

     01:51 Who is Jeff Spencer?

     03:50 5 Decades in The Coaching Space

     19:00 The Winning Mindset

     35:34 Human VS Champion

     40:03 Jeff’s Personal Mindset Rituals

     44:21 The Importance of Visualization

     53:31 Jeff’s Daily Routine

01:00:39 Predictions for the High Performance Industry

01:07:58 Maintaining Balance

01:14:39 The Next 20 Years

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